About Bloom

Good reasons to be Bloom

We want to promote sustainable ​​and responsible coffees, always keeping us as a company focused on human interactions.


Why choose Bloom?

Local producers

Bloom Specialty Coffees is a Franco-Brazilian company headquartered in Brazil, where we have our own network of partner farms, maintaining a close relationship with producers in order to serve our customers directly from the source.

Transparency and ethics​

We promote transparency and traceability of our coffees. Ethics are at the heart of our values. Working closely with producers, we are able to collect and provide buyers with all information related to the supply chain. Bloom also promotes farms that have social responsibility as the foundation of their core values.

Our mission

Our mission is to find the best coffees in terms of quality and sustainability, establishing long-term relationships between Brazilian coffee producers and specialty coffee buyers worldwide. We do more than transparent business, we connect people.