Bloom is Brazilian coffee

What is Bloom?

Bloom Specialty Coffees is a Franco-Brazilian exporting company specialized in selection and exportation of Brazilian specialty coffees to the world. Working exclusively with traditionally produced beans from the south of Minas Gerais and Mogiana Paulista, the coffees offered by the company are awarded beans, which reflect the essence of the Brazilian coffee culture.

Bloom is Brazilian coffee

Brazilian Specialty Coffee

The Sul de Minas and Mogiana Paulista are worldwide known for to the outstanding quality of their specialty coffees, a production tradition that dates back to early Brazilian history. The farms in this region are centuries old, passed on from generation to generation. Their secrets of coffee cultivation and processing methods are fine examples of one of the most incredible cultural heritages in the world. 

The sensorial experience of the award-winning Brazilian coffee is something that accompanies people's lives. Therefore, allowing yourself to take pleasure in tasting something so unique has become Bloom’s main goal

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