Our coffees

Brazil is the world's largest producer and exporter of coffee beans, having one of the best coffees in the world in terms of quality, with a relatively low acidity, along with a sweet taste, and sensory notes ranging from chocolate with nuts to citrus, passing through nuances of honey, sugar cane, orange, among others. In fact, the sensory range of Brazilian coffees is vast, and this has been delighting and surprising even more demanding importers. Our farms carry out careful harvesting processes and drying methods (unwashed/natural, peeled cherry) to ensure the high quality of the coffee pods.

Upscale coffees

According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), coffees that reach at least 80 points are considered specialty coffees. This scoring methodology, on a scale from 0 to 100, was developed taking into account several characteristic attributes of coffee, such as aroma, acidity, fragrance, flavor, beverage body, among others. Bloom Specialty Coffees has a solid network of partner farms, which allows it to offer a multitude of coffee profiles with different scores, meeting the most diverse preferences of buyers around the globe.

Unique origins

In the specialty coffee segment, having unique sources, with certain characteristics, called terroir, has become very important. The unique origin has received more and more attention from us, where we value coffee from a single farm or region. In this way, we can guarantee and promote the highest quality and exclusivity of coffee from a particular farm or region and provide technical information about how and by which producer the coffee was harvested and processed, together with the history of the farm.